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For several years now on and off I have been having nuerological symptoms that doctors felt were anxiety related. Just the last several months I have been having pins and needles in fingers intermittently and varous types of burning type pains in arms, chest, head, jaw and mouth ulcers and terrible anxiety.

I have been to the doctors and been worked up with several tests cardiac in nature which show sinus tachycadia fast heart rate which appears to be from anxiety.

I have had an MRI which does show degenerative changes in c6 c7, but nothing else and the nuerologists things its anxiety related.

I am 42 years old i stopped smoking 3 months ago and i stopped drinking 7 years ago. I used to be an alcoholic.

I started to wonder if my issue was vitamin/mineral related. I asked a walk in clinch doctor to do a vitamin b12 test but did not thing for him to do other tests such as folic acid (folate) or other b tests.. I had this feeling my b vitamins were all out of whack.

My test for b12 came back 130 PMOL marked as indeterminate.

ON the sheet of paper where the test was it shows deficient as below 107 and middle ground as 107-133.

Mine is 130 and seems awfully low - however many labs do the test differently and do not use the pmol at the end of the number.

Is my b12 low?  Can this explain my anxiety/nuerological symptoms?

The doctor said it was of no concern and no problem and wants to give my pills for anxiety - benzopenes.

I am wondering if I could also be FOLATE deficiency. do i need specifically for that?

Is it possible to be deficient in both?

I used to take nexium for stomach issues and have always had gerd or stomach issues and i am wondering if i am not absorbing it.

Should i take supplements? b12? If i do take B12 will it affect my folate level and still cause problems?

Is taking 100MCG ok under tongue per day?

there is more and more written about B12....  under the tongue B12 has variable absorbtion..... you should get shots of B12.... Weekly for a month then monthly.  If your levels were that low, you need to make sure you are bringing up the levels.... also a regular multivitamin for the other ones, such as folic acid.  

If that is the cause.... it may take months for things to improve.  

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