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I was wondering if a person's DNA plots their body out in 3D space or if it simply piles one instruction on top of another and hopes that all previous instructions were carries out to a "T"? I was thinking about stem cell research and how someday it might be useful for reversing hair loss and aging skin and even general healing. But a person's body and face changes over time. I was wondering if despite the way people change over time if there are standard points on the body that are always present no matter the distance that is put between them? Such that if I wanted my hair to reverse receed with future technolgies my body knows exactly where the hair used to be, etc?

it is plotted in 3D by many processes, which involve cells changing (since a person starts from one joined cell) and the interaction with each other of the different cell types....

it is likely that those things can  be reversed.... maybe not in our lifetime though....

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