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I spend 8+ hours a day on a PC.  I have lumps in my palms that an PA at the orthos office in town diagnosed as trigger finger in both hands.  My left hand was the index with painful lump and the right hand was index with painful lump middle and ring fingers.  I injured my right hand back and Feb.  I have no pain in my thumb or pinkie in my right hand.

However I have noticed that my left hand my thumb, middle, and ring fingers all hurt when being bent and straightened or while typing.  My pinkie does not hurt.  There is no numbness etc.

Here are my questions, I can't see my PA ortho until June (booked).  He gave me some anti-inflammatory cream for my fingers but it doesn't seem to do much.  Both of my index fingers are sausage like.  Is there anything I can do for that?  Could having a trigger finger and then overuse or alot of use of the other fingers cause my middle and ring fingers on my left hand to start to have tendon pain which will lead to trigger finger?

I tried to take a break from using my PC but two weeks ago I had some projects and had to type.  These fingers aren't stiff in the morning (yet) like the index on left hand but there is pain and aching from the middle knuckle down to type.  

I have celiac or gluten sensitivity so I have been dealing with inflammation issues in my feet and knees.  Those are actually improving, now this.  I had positive ANA way back last year but only borderline and ESR has never been elevated, in fact is low.  CRP was slightly elevated.

Advice?  Ice, beg for a cortisone shot?

well, all those are options.... definitely ice, and you could simply use anti-inflamm's but they didn't help much.  Injected each finger might give some relief or a course of oral steroids may be reasonable.....   a pos ANA in the light of relatively normal ESR and CRP doesn't help me much.....   but that might be worth rechecking the ESR prior to the steroids.

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