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I have been having this head pressure pain in my head whenever i bend down or walk or excert myself with tender head  and scalp when i touch. when it increases symptoms include racing heart, high bp, shortness of breath and conscious, face numbness , as if i am dying of a stroke or heart attack, i have been to the ER several times , did some blood work and x rays that came normal

i also did non contrast ct scan of the head 4 weeks ago normal , stress test for the heart normal and echocardio gram normal, and a weeks ago , had another head and brain agiography with dye normal and also venogram of the brain and catroid neck normal

i am just wondering if those test specially the brain ones are accurate to detect any brain rapture vessel or abnormalities

i am scared i will dye anytime like bleeding or something

i think it is something serious because whenever i bend down or go up the stair the upper back of my head is painful and will explode then sides are like tened and contracted muscles in head and becomes tender to touch or sleep

I also 10 days ago had a one eye blurry vision so i went to the eye care she said it your left eye has something called CSR that usually resolves by itself in a month or more, and she told me the reason is unknown for it, it might be stress or high cortisol level.

I have to tell you i have no stress in my life , so relaxed but i do not know what could trigger all this, i am always fatigue but i sleep well, i also lost 5 kilograms in 10 days

i do think there is something else triggering my dangerous symptoms that are not allowing me to go out of bed , specailly the extreme back head pain stiff neck and head pressure all around

could it be brain chemicals and brain neuro path , but i amm not sure or know

what do you think please or recoomend , shall i do other tests

I would get a good primary care doctor and make sure you have had a solid metabolic workup.... .blood pressure, thyroid, etc.  You have had extensive testing of the blood vessels in the heart and the brain and no problem is identifiable, so I would go back to basics and if nothing is found, you are OK.

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