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Hello, I'm 32 years old and I have been on two dates with a 29-year-old woman who shared with me that she had mono in November. She doesn't know how she caught it. Her mother had mono as a child, so she may have caught mono from her. She lives in a house with another family and had a boyfriend for two months in January and February. Nobody around her caught mono from her. No one else in her family has caught mono either. Although I'm afraid if I kiss this woman that I may get mono…! I'm not ready to be exclusive with her or even make a choice that could impact my future relationships. I did take a sip from a couple of drinks that she had on our first date and I've been in close contact with her. But we haven't held hands or cuddled. Nothing like that at all.

I've read once you have mono, you're a carrier for life. After I raised my concern to my date, she mentioned that she probably shouldn't even tell anyone anymore that she has had mono. I wouldn't care being out sick for a couple of weeks, although I do care about the impact it would have on my future relationships and children.

How concerned should I be? Should I be so concerned that I cut off contact with this woman? For all I know, my body may already have built up an immunity to the virus. I'm seeing other women as well, so I'm concerned that I would have to be responsible and let them know that I caught mono if I do get it.


you are not a carrier.... once you get rid of it, you are done with it..... in a month.   a very small percentage go on to be a carrier, but almost everyone gets over it.... so you don't have to get rid of this one.......  

Now herpes is a different story, but mono-no problems.

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