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I had a nose bleed 2 days ago when U tried to blow my nose.
after that I noticed that there is a reddish obstruction in my right nostril. It is still there. I feel there is a very very mild headache. Is this normal ? (p.s. I had an low hcv exposure so I might have hcv. but I am postponig the test a bit because I have ocd problems. also, I was a bit afraid that what i described but be the result of lots of exposure to chemicals such as disinfectants. I might have breathed a lot of that or something to that effect)

not related to hcv, even if you had it.....   that is a different illness and is very hard to get, so get tested so you don't have to worry about it.

First thing I would think of is a mild nasal infection..... you could use a little sudafed or afrin nasal spray for a few days and give it time to get better.

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