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Good Evening Doc,

I have had this marble sized bump on my right hand, on the palm side at the base of my pointer finger. Went to the Hand Specialist to get it aspirated. He said he was unable to get all of it and to keep a watchful eye on it. Now my finger is stiff and sore, and the are where he gave the injection of Lidocaine is a bit swollen. How long should I wait to follow up? Is it normal to swell up a bit ? He did kind of dig around to pop the cyst. Is this something I should be concerned about? They did take xrays, but no ultrasound or MRI

sometimes those can be popped.... the palm side is tougher than the back of the hand.... it sounds like a ganglion cyst.....

When I do these.... I give it a try.... if it works, great, if it doesn't work, let it heal, go back to normal and then if it is still causing problems, surgical exploration in a controlled environment by a hand surgeon.......

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