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Hello Dr, For the past 6 months or so, my right wrist has been bothering me. I may have had some tendinitis in my distant schooling past from tennis or other activities. These days my wrist really hinders ability to alot of mundane things. With palm down and pulling hand up, it is very sore. Activities that are extremely difficult and involve some pain are push ups, wiping the rear and traditional intercourse. I threw a ball the other day and as I released the ball, it was very painful. Otherwise i can use my hand quite normally, if i close my fist and do a push up that way, no problem. Like I said though, mundane tasks, but very necessary. It's annoying me to no end now. I have a Drs appt in 1 1/2 months and I plan to talk about this, but I'd like some knowledge beforehand about this and possible remedies. Also I do enjoy some brews rather frequently. Does alcohol instigate or irritate things such as this? Thank you very much.

This may be tendonitis provided you didn't have a big injury in the remote past.   I would try easy stretching and motrin while you are waiting on the appointment.   

The brews issue is no big deal except drunk people can hurt muscles/joints much more easily with the lack of perceived pain and clumsiness....     

Hope this helps....

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