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about 10 days ago i had heart beating fast out no where and lasted for 4 hrs and then beating came back to normal, i felt weak and next day to like the beating took my energy went to dr did an ekg and was normal he prescribed me omepremazole 20 mg one a day and chlordiazep 5 mg take twice a day but pharmacyst said take it only when u need it cause it causes addiction so i took one when i pick up the prescripion ,then today i woke had my cofee was on the couch and then i felt my heart was going to start beating but wasnt as bad as last time i felt paniky i start breathing holding my breath and let go i took one chlodiazep and took shower i feel lil better.
i dont want to get addicted to chlordiazep,is 5 mg high dose or its ok to drive
thank you

I don't know if the chlordiaz will help.... the hard part is catching the abnormal rythym when it is happening... sometimes we put a 24 hour monitor on someone to catch it, but sometimes we have to put longer monitors, sometimes for a month in order to catch the abnormal heartbeats.....   if it keeps reoccurring then you have to get the monitor to find out exactly what it is.

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