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Few months was diagnosed w h polori, mild gastritis was give ompremazole 3 months along with antibiotics. Finish my antibiotic (amoxicillin& flagyl)and kept taking the ompremazole  my appetite and gain my weight back but I have this bitter taste in my mouth and I'm thinking it could be acid reflux I can't go back to doctor due I can't afford it .
It is true that ompremazole if taken for long time can cause bone problem  . I asked one time a lady at the pharmacy she said she never heard of that cause she suggested me over counter the ompremazole magnesium and she said it same thing as the one the doctor prescribes
What dif between the ompremazole doctor and the one over counter . What medecine do u suggest for acid reducer I tried pepto, tums but I get itchy reaction along with red spots I guess I'm allergic to the color ingredient
Also what % that h pylori been eradicated .
Thank you

The bone problems are over rated.... I would take the Prilosec daily on an empty stomach.... And if that helps, stay on it.  If it doesn't, then you need further testing.  The over the counter is just as good.   H Pylori eradication is low.... Probably 70%, but your symptoms should improve on the prilosec

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