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Please help! My partner, 28, experiences large quantities of aching pain in his lower abdomen/upper groin after being aroused but without ejaculating. The pain gradually comes on after arousal has subsided and escalates into severe pain with paralyzing effects of him being unable to move due to amount of pain. When he was about 10 years old he had an operation on his right testicle because it was undescended. The pain he experiences now lasts for usually 2-3 hours then slowly subsides. This is also after the self administered panodol and ibruprofin he takes in desperateness to receive a break in the chronic pain. He is a typical male who wont attend the doctors, so you are my only hope. Please help me identify what and why this pain is happening. Thank you

well, he is a typical male who won't attend doctors until it gets bad enough for him to give up and go to the doctor.  There are a few possibilities, and he needs to see a urologist to have this evaluated.  

You didn't give me a time frame, but I would worry about a complication of the surgery when he was 10.   I would also worry about the possibility of a prostate infection or sexually transmitted disease.   He does need to be evaluated.

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