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I am working on a story in which a man is electrocuted through his genitals, but I need some help.I need to know 1.) what kind of medical treatment can a doctor give for the burns and damage? 2.)what kind of damage can be done by electrocution to a male's genitals? I've heard a male cannot function after that. And 3.) is a person who's been electrocuted, and their heart stops, can that person's heart be restarted using electroshock? Or is it too dangerous because of the electrocution? Thanks.

if he is killed thru the genitals, then there would be a lot of burn damage to that area and it has to root across the chest.   Yes, if the heart stops, then the treatment is restarting with a defibrillator.

For the burns, some is on the skin and some is deeper in the muscle / nerve tissue which can be really bad and lead to longer term problems.   You could skip that in a story.  

An eloctrocution thru the genitals, depending on how bad, could be a few burns that could heal or complete loss of function and tissue........

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