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I have been taking ibuprofen since March 15.  I started out 800 mg 4x a day, now I am taking around 800mg 2x a day.  I am working to control my thyroid and battling stiffness and tendonitis.  How long can I keep taking these without harming my body or increasing my risk of stroke or heart attack.  I am only 34.  I have tried Tylenol, it didn't work as well.  Is there anything else I can take for pain and stiffness?

I wouldn't worry about stroke/heart attack.... the big risk of motrin is stomach pain, reflux, ulcers, so if you are not having stomach problems.... I wouldn't worry.

But, I would wonder if there is more to the thyroid/stiffness.... I assume your thyroid has been checked thoroughly and having a more in depth workup for the stiffness.... you are kind of young to be having a lot of stiffness/tendonitis...... make sure that is fully evaluated.

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