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Hi I am 16 year old girl that is 5'10" and 130lbs. I have over the last year lost around 60 or so lbs. And along with that haven't had a period in quite some time around 8-10 months. I admit that in the beginning I may have not lost the weight right not fully understanding nutrion and health but now and focusing on eating right and getting enough protien and fat in my diet but still no luck in the period department. I've been to the doctor and they've run test but don't know what the problem is. They put me on medication that worked for a bit and I had 2 cycles but then stopped working and I haven't had one since. Before losing weight my period was very regular from age 12-13.  I was wondering if you think it'll ever come back regular and what caused this? I am fairly active running and walking everyday by the way!

PS on another note, I am very embarrassed about my breast size, I barely have any and was wondering if my period started back up if at all possible might they grow?

If I were looking at you for these problems, I would make sure there wasn't a hormone problem, the most common being a thyroid disorder.... that is a lot of weight to lose.   If all the hormone tests are negative, then I would make sure you were on a reasonable diet and probably consider birth control pills for your cycle.  The fact that it was there and now isn't, is a good sign that there isn't something bad going on.  Breasts and periods- no real connection.... breasts are part fatty tissue, so with all the weight loss, I would not expect you to have large breasts.   

Even without periods, I would not assume that you couldn't get pregnant...... so some type of birth control if needed.

Eat smart and healthy

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