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I took my twelve year old for a sports physical and they discovered a murmur that was never heard before,so we went for an EKG and chest x-ray. Chest x-ray was normal but EKG showed sinus bradycardia. The doctor is saying it is normal for an athlete but his father has been hospitalized with slow heart rate several times and I am wondering if it is a condition that is hereditary? He goes to see a pediatric cardiologist on Wed. and they are going to do an echo-cardiogram. I am wonder what kind of condition he may have or what may be going on? any thoughts would be appreciated.

Couple issues here....

the murmur.... it is most likely that he has had it forever and you had an attentive doctor in a good quiet room with  a good stethoscope.  It is unlikely that he recently developed it.   The echocardiogram is the money test to evaluate this.

The brady.... anything under 60 is brady and an efficient heart esp in teens can do this regularly so I don't see this as a disease process yet.   You didn't mention the number but 50's and even high 40's at rest isn't unusual.  If in the 20's or 30's, then something is wrong.    A prolonged heart rate measuring test... holter monitor would differentiate whether this is a disease or just his heart slowing because it works efficiently enough to deliver blood to the body at that rate.  

If there was fainting or dizziness, that would raise alarms, but I suspect your evaluation next week will confirm that he is ok.

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