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QUESTION: I think in the case of AIDS if a child in the womb is given a certain injection they can be born without AIDS unlike the mother if the shot is given within a certain time frame? What is true of other STDs? Could genitial herpes be transmited to babies or various other infections?

ANSWER: Not quite accurate... we give mom antiviral drugs which lowers the rate of transmission of aids... we do csections to lower risk of herpes transmission.... different tools to lower the rates for different illnesses

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QUESTION: Are there any STDs that can't be prevented from being transmitted to new borns?

these techniques lower the risk but are not foolproof..... syphilis is a bad one and can cause birth defects in unborn children.  HIV/Herpes, risk lowered.  Gonorrhea, simply treat the mother.  Chlamydia, again treat the mother.  So there are treatments for the STD's that help a lot.

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