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QUESTION: I would like to possibly take suppliments to help improve my testosterone levels to help my libido and energy, but am worried it might excelerate my hair loss by giving my cells more testosterone to convert into DHT. Is that something I should be concerned about, or maybe testosterone will promote hair growth to the same degree DHT opposes it so it doesn't really matter?

Also can you recommend any suppliments that have been shown to increase testosterone levels?

ANSWER: There are no external supplements that increase testosterone..... a lot that are advertised, but none shown to work.  If indeed your testosterone is low, then replacement is appropriate..... if you are worried about hair loss, combining that with some low dose proscar works.    

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QUESTION: Are you saying more testosterone would cause more hair loss? What is proscar? Same as Propecia? I took that in pill form for 10 days before the thoughts of suicide were too much. There must be some suppliments that promote all aspects of life?

yes, more testosterone could accelerate male pattern baldness....   yes, that is propecia..... Suicidal thoughts would be unusual to attribute to propecia......    

A lot of supplements claim they do a lot, but I am not aware of any clinically shown to boost testosterone.....

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