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Lately, I have been playing games online for hours, and my wrist has started to hurt pretty bad. The game requires constant mouse use, and it is only that wrist that is bothering me.

I have decided to stop playing for a few days. I guess I'm holding my mouse wrong. I have it sitting on the edge of my desk, and I have to slightly bend my wrist to use it, while the edge of the desk pushes into my wrist. Are there any exercise that can be done to help with this? I found this on a programming website, but I'm not sure how good it is:


These overuse injuries are pretty common, going back further than computer games for mild repetitive motion injuries......    Changing the mouse drastically can help, such as using a trackball.  Other things are wrist pads and changing the height of your chair relative to the desktop which changes the angle of the wrist.

In the meantime, ice, 20 minutes on 2 hours off;  motrin;  possibly a wrist brace to immobilize it and stop playing for a week.

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