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I woke up with a hot poker in my throat last Sunday and a temp of 100 (never went over 100.1)  Because I have a history (not consistent but there nevertheless) of opportunistic strep infection, I started taking Ceftin, 500 MG 2x daily.  Monday night it appeared this thing reached its critical point when I awakened to chills, 100.1 temp, 150/90 bp, 84 bpm resting heart, and weird muscle spasms in my back.  I took a 10 MG lisinopril, a .5 MG Xanax, an aspirin and an Advil and went back to bed.  Woke Tuesday in a pool of sweat, no temp, bp normal, heart rate normal (bp was actually 105/70, normal for me in the AM).  THEN the fever came back.  I do not have a cough, I have to force myself to cough.  Fever goes from 98.7 (not normal for me, mine is usually about 97.6) to 99.9.   Wheeze in chest but no cough.  Sputum is white or yellow, not green, no blood.  Went to family physician who put me on Levaquin 500 MG once/day.  I most likely should not have self medicated with the Ceftin (and I will NEVER do that again) but I've been reading that antibiotic treatment for acute viral bronchitis is not needed and may not be safe.  So here I am, having taken the first dose of Levaquin (which I will be forced to continue although I know it had side effects that are not pleasant) for 7 days.  My Doctor is on vacation, I saw an OP in his practice.  How long does this spiking fever last with viral bronchitis?  Wheeze is not really that bad, just can't get rid of the fever.  Am I being overtreated or was this antibiotic called for since the fever came back?  Thank you.

I wonder whether this is more strep than bronchitis.....   I probably would have continued the Ceftin without knowing for sure....   typically, viral infections don't need antibiotics and with you not having much of a cough or respiratory symptoms, more fever, sore throat and aches, makes me think more of strep.  

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