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Dr Borucki - Thank you for taking the time to consider my question.  I will try to keep it as short as possible. Over the last 13 years I have become increasingly sensitive to heat whether it be outside in the New Mexico heat or a shower that is too warm. When I overheat I get really, really uncomfortable chest pains and I feel weak all over. Just yesterday I had to lie down in my horse corral because my chest hurt so badly. Up to that point I had not done anything really strenuous.  I walked my horses to the wash rack and prepared to bathe them. It may have taken 15 minutes and by that time my chest started hurting. I bathed only one horse and walked back to the corral. That was when I had to either lay down or fall down. My husband happened to come by about that time and got me something cold to drink. I stayed outside just long enough for my horse to dry then went to the house. I looked in the mirror and my face was so red it almost looked purple. I was not sweating (actually I rarely sweat, never have). Once I cooled off I felt almost normal but today I am really tired. I've made an appointment with my general physician but I won't see her until Wednesday. I'd like to know what's wrong (if anything) and what I can do to prevent these episodes in the future. Any input from you would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

not sweating is not great.... that is one of our temperature regulatory mechanisms.... some medicines make it harder to sweat, but some people just don't sweat as much.

I would want to see thyroid tests on you.  Also, I don't know your age but around menopause, sometimes temperature control goes a little haywire.   

Make sure you stay well hydrated and take breaks when you need them.

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