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Hello, I'm desperately looking for an answere as I don't have insurance to see a doctor right now.
For the past week I have been feeling very lightheaded and spacey feeling. Almost like I'm in a dream.
I'm not particularly dizzy except when I lean over to pick something up or if I lean my head up to look at something.
For a few days I had a clogged feeling in my left ear that lasted about 2 days. After that my throat felt sore for also 2 days. That went away then I woke up in the middle of the night last night with an itchy throat and I kept caughing.
I'm wondering if allergies can maybe cause such severe lightheaded ness? There is only one other reason I can think of. There is a very bad wild fire 3 miles from my house and the sky has been filled with smoke for the past 5 days. But if it was caused by that(if possible) wouldn't the people around me feel the same symptoms?
Any advice worth be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks so much.

it sounds like it could be an inner ear/sinus type infection.   You could try some sea sickness over the counter medicine (generic name meclizine) up to three times a day.  Also if there is any sinus congestion, try some nasal afrin spray for 3-5 days.  If it doesn't improve, get it looked at.

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