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I am 33 year old mother of three. My youngest is 11 months. 1.5 years ago I had a normal pelvic MRI. 9 months ago I had a normal abdo ultrasound and transvaginal ultrasound.  The last two months or so I have had pain in my lower left abdomen. I think there is a tender spot over my left ovary. I googled this and came up with ovarian cancer. Now I'm terrified. I do have lower back pain but this muscular in nature and probably due to poor sleep. But I'm worried about this pain which is mild but I feel it off and on during the day. Doesn't change with food. I can eat well and don't have bloating. No weight loss or gain. Any ideas what this might be??

I would stop googling your symptoms.... if you are concerned about your symptoms, continue your relationship with your OB/GYN.....   I am not sure why you had a pelvic MRI but have it checked.   Common things occur commonly and rarer things (ovary cancer) occur rarely.  I would more likely wonder about ovulatory pain, ovarian cysts, urinary infections or stones, etc.    Get it looked at and you won't have to worry.....

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