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I have been losing weight but still have lots to go. At my heaviest I was close to 300 now I am about 220. I have hit a plateau with diet alone and want and need to add some form of exercise. I have a lot more energy than I did before.

I also have a bad back. I have had an MRI in December which does show 2 bulging and 1 herniated disk, in my lower back.

I do stretches for my back, almost daily. This week I also started using an elliptical. I only used it for 10 minutes a day, but it was enough to get my heart rate up and break a sweat. I did this on Monday and Tuesday, I decided to take a break on Wednesday because my thigh muscle was achy, Thursday my leg felt much better so I was going to begin again.

However, before I got that far into my day I turned wrong and hurt my back. I hurt it bad enough that I sought medication, which I rarely do.

So my question...could the back pain have been brought about from using the elliptical? Is there a better form of exercise I could/should do until my core muscles are stronger? Will this help break the plateau and help me to continue to lose weight?


usually elliptical is not a bad machine for people with disc problems... it is low impact.  One worry always, is someone works out to the point of fatigue and then when you are tired, with fatigued muscles, it is easier to injury yourself.....

I like to keep things simple..... with core work..... correct lifting, easy toe touches, situps, knee bends for the core.

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