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  I've had an ear infection for 7 months. The culture tests finally came back with pseudomonas aeruginosa. My doctor didn't really explain what this is other than, a nasty, difficult to treat bacteria. Could you please tell me what this is? or a reliable place to get information?

Also my doctor said it could spread to my lungs. Are there any signs or symptoms that I should look out for?

Thank you for your time.


it is a more difficult to treat bacteria.  It probably won't spread but may take some specialized eardrops, or possibly some oral antibiotics along with eardrops.   They should refer you to an ENT specialist or if one isn't available an infectious disease doctor.  Now that they have the cultures, they should have a list of antibiotics that are appropriate but this is curable.

WebMD is a good website but this is a relatively obscure problem so there may not be a lot on it.

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