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I am a 26 year old female. The only medication I am on is birth control. For the last few months I have woken up at night hot and clammy in areas where my skin creases, forearms, behind knees, etc. Well this has now transitioned from just being at night, to random times during the day. It doesn't last long, but I will all the sudden feel hot and flushed and get clammy. I generally don't have chills after and my skin does not get red. Any idea what this could be? The same things happen when I get nervous or anxious all the sudden, such as while driving with someone and breaks being slammed on- My body will have the same reaction- get hot and flushed. Any idea what this could be?

from a physical standpoint, I would want to know if your thyroid is ok, or could you have some type of infection causing some fevers.... I would check your temperature.   There are some rarer conditions that can happen with weird hormone reactions.... those are pretty rare but might need to be looked at if it continues.

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