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I have heard that germs can reside on inanimate objects. Does this mean that there is a risk of infection spreading from touching inanimate objects? For eg., if an infected person A touches an object and then another person B touches the same object then is there a risk of the infection spreading from A to B. We come in contact with numerous objects in our day to day life and while going about our day to day activities. So how can we protect ourselves from the spread of infection through this route? Or is this really an unlikely scenario not worth worrying much about? Is it just that I am being unnecessarily anxious about such things?

that is called fomite spread.... yes, some diseases can be spread, some cannot.   If you take something like AIDS.... can't be spread that way.   Some illnesses like C dif colitis (intestinal infection) or the diarrheal illnesses can be spread that way.  You don't have to go nuts over it but hand sanitizers and hand washing can limit it.....

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