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I am writing this for my 73 year old mother.  She has been experiencing stomach issues 24/7 for many months now.  Its stomach pain in her lower stomach which makes her feel nauseous all day everyday.  The only thing that seems to help is if she takes a pain pill.  She has no appetite and is constantly loosing weight.  About 2 years ago she had diverticulitis (had surgery) and she states things have not been right since.  She doesn't have any vomiting...I believe she has IBS...she is just miserable with the pain.  Her doctor has done a CT scan...she has had an endoscopy done and everything was clear.  She has had blood tests done...stool tests..and still nothing !  The only answers she gets now is "we can't find anything".  My answer is "there has to be a reason she feel naseous 24/7" !  She recently was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and was put on medication..her doctor now tells her "I don't know if you actually do have Parkinsons"!  She also has Bronchiolitis (?spelling) - its not hopefully you know the disease I am referring to...she is on a nebulizer (not sure of the name of the medicine) - constantly has bouts of infections where oral antibiotics do not work and she has to be admitted to the hospital for a 10 day course of IV antibiotics.  She is beyond frustrated as well as myself.  I do not know where to turn to right now...she has seen a couple of general practice docs and also a gastro specialist...still no relief !!  Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated !!!!

tough problems.... the GI problem is difficult.... the surgery for diverticulitis can cause problems in itself.... also, there could be a food intolerance.... trying a milk/cheese free diet may help or trying a gluten free diet.  If you do either of these, a trial for 2 weeks is good enough.

I hope this helps

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