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I am a healthy 40 year old female (last complete physical back in February with no issues).  Over the years I feel like I am suffering more anxiety/depression/restless sleep/irritability/OCD tendencies and the last thing I want to do is go on a prescription for anti-anxiety medication.  I was reading an article about what natural vitamins I could take to alleviate these symptoms and found that certain vitamin B's would help (specifically Inositol, B1, B12, B6) and even folic acid and magnesium.  I currently take no medications/vitamins except daily fiber pills.  In the past I have tried taking "complete" vitamins daily, however, they created havoc on my stomach so my physician said they were not necessary.  I don't know if I am experiencing these symptoms more so now that I have turned 40 (ugh!) but I would like to get them under control (naturally) with a simple fix of maybe a daily vitamin because I do not like feeling "down" and irritable all day everyday ! I was hoping you could point me in the right direction as to what vitamin I should take as I do not want to go to the store and purchase each of the ones I listed there a B vitamin that would include all those listed above that would benefit me ???  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!  thanks in advance !

I would not look at vitamins as an answer to this, but there are options short of antidepressants or antianxiety medicines.

I would be asking if alcohol is a regular part of your life and if it increased lately.   Is there an appropriate amount of adequate exercise.   Are there stressors that aren't being addressed directly.... job problems, relationship problems, etc.   If those have been answered, then I might consider one of the meds.   

But I wouldn't look towards one of the vitamin supplements fixing this.....

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