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I'm 59 yrs old and last fall I bought a pair of "barefoot" running shoes and started a jogging program. I had to stop because of hip pain. I mentioned the pain at my annual physical and my primary doctor thought it was bursitis but didn't offer a solution. I went to my secondary physician more recently and she thinks it bursitis as well but wants me to get an x-ray to confirm. The problem is, I'm going on vacation in two weeks and I don't have time. I've been taking two Aleve a day for 10 days and I'm not getting any relief. I'll be doing a considerable amount of hiking on this trip. Do you have any suggestions? Could my doctor prescribe something besides Prednisone that could remedy the discomfort? Thank you!! Steve

I agree it is bursitis.... makes sense since barefoot running changes a lot of mechanics... there are great books on it, but you have to start really slow and build up even if u are a seasoned runner.   Time, rest , alleve (or prednisone)  a little hiking now is ok, strenuous hiking will delay improvement.

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