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My doctor thinks I may have gastritis. Sometimes it's barely noticeable and other times it is. The stomach ache/discomfort waxes and wanes and there doesn't seem to be any direct correlation with eating or not eating, food doesn't seem to affect it. If something is inflammed, wouldn't the symptoms be consistent instead of going back and forth? What would account for that?  Thanks

I can't confirm or refute the problem based on your symptoms...... there are lots of causes of abd aches.... gastritis is only one..... celiac disease, gallbladder, pancreas problems, etc.

I would tend to work thru trials of treatment and tests to see what works, for example.... an ultrasound which will make sure you don't have gallstones or a trial of ulcer medicine to see if it is reflux/gastritis, or a trial off all aspirin, motrin, etc.

You could as to be seen by a specialist... a gastroenterologist.....

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