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This afternoon a few minutes after drinking a cup of coffee, my husband was aware of a very loud dripping sound passing through his system. It was even audible to me and I was sitting on the other side of the room! It soon ceased and my husband didn't appear to be too concerned. However, after dinner tonight when he was having another drink, the same thing happened. Each time he had a sip, the dripping would start. If he stopped drinking the dripping would cease, but as soon as he resumed swallowing the dripping would start up again. It sounds just like a constant dripping tap! At this stage it hasn't occurred whilst eating food and my husband doesn't have any associated pain or discomfort. Can you please explain his symptoms and if we should consult with our GP. My husband is 56 years old and otherwise in good health.

Since someone else can hear it, it sounds like there is either dripping into the stomach or some bowel action causing a liquid like noise.   If there aren't any other symptoms, I would mention it and demonstrate it to his doctor next visit, but I don't see it as an emergency condition.

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