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I am a 29 year old male. For the past week I have had a pain in my front upper neck. I know it's a vague statement as there are many parts of the neck, but this above and my Adam's apple about right where the neck curves to start the jaw. This pain doesn't happen with movement but does when I swallow, laugh or even articulate certain words. It feels muscular but it seems strange that it only happens with those actions and not physical movements. It's painful on both side but if I had to pick the left side is worse. The only thing I can maybe correlate to this is I am currently having terrible seasonal allergies and have woken up a couple times at night last week with sneezing attacks( 20 or so sneezes in only a few minutes).  I am not positive but I believe it all started the morning after one of those attacks. I have sneezed a few times in the past few days but I haven't had any attacks so I feel like it should start going away. It is also weird because when I do sneeze it does not hurt really.  Do you have any suggestions or ideas on what it could be, I am paranoid it's something serious?


You could easily have injured the musculature while after another does not give the muscle time to reset and can lead to injury.  If there is no fever or sore throat, I would give it another week...if you are still sneezing, you may be aggravating it....

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