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Hello. I am 33. I just had my third baby only 16 months after my second. After having her I noticed tender areas on my lower abdomen and I assumed it was from the stretched muscles. I had an internal ultrasound following the birth one year ago which was normal and a pelvic MRI 1.5 years ago which was also normal. But I have noticed now that in addition to the tender abdomen I also have tender ovaries. I only feel the tenderness when I push down on the area. I don't know how long I have had this but I only noticed a few weeks ago. Before that I had cramps and LLQ pain. Those two things are gone now but the tenderness remains. I am an anxious person and googled my symptoms nd came up with ovarian cancer. It doesn't help that for the last three days I have been urinatjng more often.
Does this sound like ovarian cancer to you??

with urinating more often, it sounds more like a urinary infection.   It is theoretically possibly but very unlikely that this is ovarian cancer..... that typically does not present as pain until very late in the process, since there is such good room for expansion in that area (pregnancies)

Make sure you don't have a bladder infection or that you are not pregnant again.   Then if you need add'l reassurance, get another ultrasound.... but it DOES NOT sound like ovarian cancer to me.

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