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I wrote you recently about my tender ovaries... A couple of weeks ago I had a transvaginal ultrasound which found a 1.9 cm cyst of my left ovary and a 2.3 cm cyst on my right both are blood filled. I also had a CA125 test done which was normal.
My doc said I'm fine and no follow up needed.
However I find that I'm urinating more often in the evenings now and still have some pain. Between 7 pm and 11 pm I urinated 6 times. I did blood work and urine tests and it was all normal.
Is this related to the cyst?  Where do I go from here?  I'm 33 with 3 children.

the urination and ovary problems are not related.... I would make sure you don't have a urinary infection /bladder infection again.   Also, some vaginal infections that can irritate the urethra can cause the frequent urination...... time to at least get a repeat urine test.

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