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My period was suppose to start on Thursday . My period are usually on time maybe a day or 2 early , this is the 1st time that are late since my teenage where my period was missed for a month
I know you may say I may be pregnant which that what I thought too but took 2 pregnancy and both neg and my husband took his precaution using condoms
Cinnamon know for induce the period which tried before and worked , yesterday I had lil bit and later saw light as I wiped
Last night my husband and I had sex
Today saw light brown discharge as I wiped
Im Confused !!!
Your thoughts please

you may have missed a period and got a little spotting.... no big deal as long as you aren't pregnant......  checking a first morning urine gives the best sensitivity for a pregnancy test.

Sometimes people just don't ovulate one month and therefore don't have a normal period.... it should reset itself......

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