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Hi ..
I am 26 yrs old male, had no history of chicken pox.
before 10 days some blisters appeared on my body and when I consulted the doctor,HE told me Chicken pox and gave some antiviral medicine for 5 days and advised to take rest.
But unfortunately I was not at Home , Hence I could not Take rest.

For 4 days from Diagnosis , I could not take Bed rest and I was doing some Important works.I was feeling uneasy at that time.continuing antiviral medicine.
After 4 days I took rest for next 3/4 days(no medicine then).Taking only veg foods(from outside).Could not avoid spicy even if I tried.

So its already 9 days(after 5 days antiviral dose finished and 4 days taking rest).But now When i just trying go for a walk or some light work(at office), I feel dizziness,vomiting type of feeling.

I dont have any cough but I some light white mucous coming.

so What should I do?Is this normal?
please advice?

if you truly had chicken pox, then there may be a longer recovery time.  Good you don't have a cough because chicken pox pneumonia is bad.   I would be interested in having you get another evaluation including some lab tests and possibly a chest xray since your symptoms are continuing.  

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