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My son is fifteen he has many issues like NASH, enlarged pancreas, Splenomegaly, now para aoritic Nodes enlarging 1cm and many Mesentric Nodes in small bowel and lower right stomach. He has other issues mirgraine, Gout, Low Iron and Vit D.  and his blood work is not good and they are keeping eye out on his tyroid. Could all these illness be linked and he now just sleeps a lot or is pain and nausea and lost 26lbs seven with a week. He as been tested for mono and a ton of other viral and bactiral infections and it a no one them. But the rest of his blood work shows something is going on with Inflamtion and cat scan and sono and all show something is going on. Of course he had a liver bio about year ago and showed he has NASH. If you have any ideas throw them at us will to check anything and everything that we have to check or will recheck things again. Just want some answers.

I assume you mean the hepatitis (NASH)   This is a complicated issue and I hope he has been referred to a pediatric GI specialist.... if not, that would be what I would ask for..... Sorry, this is way beyond the scope of this forum.....

Good luck with everything.

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