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Hey, I noticed this reddish spot on my forehead. It was red dry skin but after I picked away at it, now all it is is a red mark on my forehead. I have Psoriasis (as you probably can tell) so that's what i'm thinking it is but just want to make sure its not anything serious (A lot of anxiety over health stuff recently, went from tetanus to now I belive this could be Ketosis' sarcoma on my forehead and I somehow contracted AIDS). Thank you!

certainly this could be a psoriasis plaque, but that is a prime area for a little skin cancer.... sun hits that area well.....  It won't be a big deal in the long run, but should be evaluated by your doctor, possibly by biopsy.    It isn't aids, and isn't anything else bad, but these little skin cancers, easily fixable when small, become a nuisance if allowed to grow big.....

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