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I am am 15 year-old boy, and about 3-4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a yeast infection in my penis and scrotum. I applied Lotrimin jock itch cream to the area once a day for 20 days, and up until anout the 15th day I could feel it was getting better. But after that I could tell that the pain and itching returned to what it felt like before the cream, so I stopped using it 3 days ago. The area is feeling a little better now, but I can tell it is still there because I sometimes feel pangs of pain in my penis, my scrotum itches, and I have high discmfort when erecting. During my cream application, I also drank 1-2 tablespoons of Cystex cranberry supplement a day, and it seems to temporarily stop the discomfort. What do you suggest I do? Thanks.

cranberry stuff won't help.   The key is to keep that area very clean and dry.... the fungus likes sweat, so using a lot of talcum powder during the day.  Lotrimin is reasonable but you have to use it twice a day for a at least 2 weeks.  This is jock itch and it will get better but you have to be patient.  

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