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How common is Alzheimer`s Disease, and how does it usually come about? Are some people much more prone to it than others? Recently a doctor said that my mother might have it. She had a stroke a number of years ago and has limited control on her right side and expressive aphasia. Are tests for Alzheimer`s Disease really just given for good measures or only when a doctor is already pretty sure the person has the disease? Also are there currently any good treatments for it? We are also trying to find out more about her father's medical history. He was bipolar and that's all I know anyway.

There is a lot of good information at the following link.....‎

There is some new data linking alzheimers to obesity and separately, to diabetes.  

The tests are for memory and processing ability that can be disrupted by a lot of different things, like thyroid disease, medicine reactions, depression, so you have to take the results in context.    

There are good treatments for mild to moderate, but no cures and the treatments improve things for a few years.    

Good luck with everything......

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