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Hi I cut my finger open Tuesday night with a knife. It started to bleed and took 15 minutes to finally seal. I woke up Wednesday and my finer where I cut it was swollen under the cut. It looked like the skin under the cut bubbled out. I shook someones hand tonight and he busted it back open and it took 10 minutes to seal. Then it busted open again after I picked up a disk cone. I wanted you to look at the picture and see if it look fine or if I need to see a doctor. Thanks.

I would have stitched that to speed healing if I got you in the first 6 hours.   Now, no choice but to let it heal secondarily.   Keep it clean, covered and it will scab over and heal, but it will take longer.  Avoid lifting with that finger as that will tense the skin and keep splitting, but it will heal.   It looks superficial enough that I am not worried about tendons.

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