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Are there certain key temperatures in an environment that are most relevent to human life? I know everyone has a slightly different idea of what is a comfortable temperature, but in general what air temp is too cold or too hot to where a person's skin becomes damaged? Also factoring in moisture? At what temps is internal sickness unavoidable? I am just curious because weather temps in F are arbitrary to humans.

extremes are bad, but fortunately, we are mammals, so we are able to control out body temps separate from the outside temperature, unlike reptiles.  I think temperature is a preference, but we easily adapt to temps between 65-85 and are a little uncomfortable adding 15 to either side, then when you are start going another 15 degrees, you have to take steps to help you adapt to those temps, either warm clothes or proper cooling and hydration........  But people in Seattle love 50 degree weather, I, in South Carolina, enjoy a 90 degree day.

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