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Hello again. I asked you a question about my itching bum and you suggested pinworms. Ive looked at the symptoms of that and it doesnt seem to fit. I have also recently started new symptoms that may or may not be related. First i will tbe a little more specific with my description of the pain and itching of my anus. The itching seems more like it could be caused by a rash that comes and goes and small cuts that dont seem to heel. Going to the bathroom ans wiping can be painful and cause discomfort and itching. The last few days i have been having black tarrystool with weird sensations in my belly. My stomach gurgles and the sensations feel a bit like hungar pain mixed with gas and nasua. It can also be painful like a squeezing sensation that wakes me at night. I also feel weak and dizzy with loss of appetite. Could these things be related? Ive been putting neosporin on my anus in hopes it will help, is this a bad idea? Sorry to bother you with all this again but its getting very annoying and with the added problem i am getting a little worried. Thank you for your time.

Dear Kayla,

Thank you for clarifying. You need to see a medical professional as soon as possible. Black, tarry stools is a sign of an upper gastrointestinal bleed. You may also have hemorrhoids which may be causing the burning and itching anus. Bright red blood may be seen due to hemorrhoids. But my main concern is a GI bleed.  

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