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Good morning. I am a 29 year old female in decent health. I am just getting over a cold but I have developed some more serious symptoms in the last 3-4 days. I still have my cough from my cold but not much else. I'm not sure it is related in any way but thought I would mention it just in case. I have had an extreme loss of appetite the last few days though I do force myself to eat soup. I have also been experiencing stomach pain. Mainly in the middle of my abdomen . This pain seems to move around like gas pain. My stomach makes a gurgling noise. At times it feels like a squeezing pain. It seems worse at night and keeps me awake. My stool has become almost black in color. The 1st time I got out of bed last night I had diarrhea. The 2,3 &4th times it was just A LOT of gas. I feel very week and just not well at all. I have never experienced stomach pain/upset like this before. It seems much different than just gas and diarrhea. I don't have insurance right now so a doctor visit for something that isn't serious is out of the question. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

having black bowel movements, unless you are taking peptobismol, suggests you are having stomach bleeding.   If you took a lot of motrin, etc for the cold, you may be getting some stomach irritation and bleeding.  At minimum, you have to get off all pain meds except some Tylenol and if you get dizzy, weak, or the black bowel movements continue, you have to get looked at......

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