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Vegans and Vegetarians might claim that vegetables are the simplest forms of protein that the body will break down a little further before reconstructing into what the body needs and are thus more effecient proteins to have, while those that say that vegetarians are protein deficient and that they should at least eat fish, and that animal proteins are close to the proteins that we have in us and therefore are specifically what we need. Who is most correct?

Who are more correct... republicans or democrats.......   You can get everything you need from a vegetarian diet.    There are enough proteins to sustain you that can be derived from plants.   I like meats/fish so choose not to be vegetarian, but that may be a healthier diet in the long run.  Since all proteins are broken down to base building blocks, the "closest" doesn't matter.    On the other hand, meat eaters ingest things along with the proteins, like saturated fats that probably are not good for us in higher quantities......

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