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I recently started seeing a therapist and he wanted to rule out medical reasons for my depressed mood (which I've almost always had) and he suggested three things I should get tested for. Poor nutrition, celiac disease, and thyroid issues. My cousin has celiac disease and my therapist said it does run in families and I have felt concerned. I love bread and it doesn't really make me feel sick when eating it or grainy cereal. what are the intial symptoms to the disease? my therapist said his wife has the disease and didn't realize it from the mild symtoms besides depression and low energy and out of the blue she needed a complete blood transfusion. i'll try to get tested for it but how can I get a better sense of if that might be a real possibility? honestly hoping for a thyroid issue.

interesting literature on gluten sensitivity.... good book on it called "The Grain Brain"

It would be nice if it were simply thyroid and that is an easy fix, but usually isn't.... chances are it is not gluten either but that should be evaluated.... if you have minor symptoms (meaning not a lot of stomach symptoms) then to test for it, you should go on a gluten free diet for 2-4 weeks and see if you feel better.... the results should be pretty dramatic if that is a cause.  The blood test is good for the full blown celiac disease but not as good for the milder insensitivity.  

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