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Dear Dr. Borucki,

Last night my dad (whose 67 years old), was getting ready for bed and having a conversation with me, when without warning the vision in his left eye went and he began to have memory trouble. He spent several minutes trying to figure out what he wanted me to do for him and he seemed confused and disoriented. After about ten minutes his vision slowly returned but this morning he says he is experiencing a small blind spot. Last night I first thought he might be experiencing a TIA but after talking to my relatives about his condition we concluded that his symptoms might be caused by the fact that he has been under great stress and sleep deprivation the last week because his wife is under intensive care in the hospital.

But after waking up this morning and learning about his vision's blind spot, I really think he had a mini stoke. Could you please tell me your thoughts on this diagnosis of mine? I'm very worried he will experience another stroke in the next hours.

Some background on my dad's health: he is 67 years old, has PAD, is 30 pounds over weight, and has been under considerable stress as of late. Thank you for your time!

if someone has PAD, it is likely they have vascular problems in other locations, ie, heart and brain, so it is possible..... He needs a full neurological assessment.... a good place to start would be with his doctor, but also will need a good eye examination also..... if this is a warning sign of an impending problem, it would be nice to address it before the catastrophe.... I would not write this off as nothing until he has had a full eval.....

memory and blind spot suggests a TIA, continuing blind spot suggests there was some permanent impairment...... he needs a full evaluation.....

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