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Hello Mr. Borucki,
I have a question for you. About 2 wks. ago, I saw my ENT for removal of ear wax. I knew it had built up as I have had this procedure done in the past. I never put q-tips etc. in my ears!I was having some discomfort when pressing on the ear, some ringing and itching. He indeed removed some ear wax from against the eardrum and my ear felt better immediately. About 3 days later, I started having some ringing in the same ear again along with some achiness occasionally. I have called to make another appt.with my dr. but he is out of town for 2 wks. Do you think it is possible that my ear is damaged due to the wax that had built up against the eardrum and it will just need time to heal? or do you think it possible he just did not get all the wax? I do not notice the ringing so much during the day but it seems to be worse in the early morning upon waking.
I appreciate your opinion and advice. Trying to wait on my dr. but may need to see someone else.
Thank you,

sometimes the wax and removal can irritate the canal and cause a little infection/irritation.... you could try a mix of 1/2 white vinegar, 1/2 part water... a few drops 3 times a day, if that doesn't help in a couple of days, get your regular doc to look at it.. you don't necessarily need an ENT to evaluate it.....

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