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On Aug.30, 2013 I had a colonoscopy. I am a type 2 diabetic. I am 61 years of age. I was once diagnosed with M.R.S.A. on my scalp by a dermatologist. After my colonoscopy, I've developed some kind of rash on my buttocks at the part where the crack starts. A P.A. prescribed Clotrimazole and Dipropionate Cream. I've been applying it twice a day as prescribed but without any improvement. I start taking Septra DS twice a day 4 day ago because I though the rash might be the MRSA down there. I did this on my own from available refills I had. My question is, what do think might cure up this itching rash? I'm beginning to become concerned since there has been no improvement. Any help or suggestions will be sincerely appreciated.  Stephen

So you have had this rash since September....  Obviously it isn't fungal or the clotrima would have worked.... I am not sure... hard to diagnose a rash without seeing it but it is worth a visit to your primary doctor or ask to see a dermatologist......

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