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I have gotten Shingles 3 times in 6 months. All in different spots. I am 50 years old and active and not overweight. I have a very low immune system as I have had 8 surgeries in 7 years. 6 of the surgeries have been on my hip. I had been on crutches for 5 years. My problem is I do not sleep more than 4 hours a night. What can I do to get my immunity up?  What other problems would there be in getting Shingles that many times. I have had kidney cancer, could this be a sign that it is back? The Dr says my body is stressed. I would really really like to not have Shingles again. Thank you for your time.

That is pretty unusual to get recurrent shingles... I would question whether that is actually the case or the rash is from something else.....   I would ask your regular doctor to get you evaluated for your immune system to try and prove whether it is working or not working.   With multiple surgeries on a joint, I would worry about a low grade infection that is presenting occasionally.....   There is no magic vitamin that will get the immunity up.... I would get the problem formally worked up so if there is a cause, it can be identified.

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